Myriam Borrayo


I am a wife and mother of four! Yes, 4 I can’t believe it myself, sometimes. This life has been an interesting road but the one thing that I have learned through my short time here is that the more I keep my life simple, the easier things are.

I live a more simple life and with that find that life is just that much sweeter. I love the holistic approach to life! I try to keep my family safe by keeping them away from as much unnatural and harmful chemicals as possible.

Trying to live my life spiritually focused on the Bible as I learn and fill myself daily with God’s word. There are things that are easier than others however, I believe that all of God’s┬áprinciples work for every person that puts them into action.

I am so excited to get started on this blog. I wanted a place where I could speak freely about motherhood and natural holistic living. I want to share with other mothers ways to live simply and naturally in this very complicated world.