Essential Oils

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Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years and have been mentioned in the Bible. I think anyone that has picked up a Bible and read much of it has read about frankincense and myrrh.  These oils were used in biblical times during prayer and time with the Lord. These have such awesome properties and provide such support for the body it is amazing. Regardless of your belief or disbelief in the Bible we all know that this historical book speaks about many of the ways that people used the earth to heal. The earth was given to us to help heal our bodies drugs that are made are synthetic chemicals that emulate the natural make up of chemicals already derived from the earth.

Three Ways Essential Oils Are Used


Essential oils can be used to help support our body systems by using them three ways. We can use essential oils aromatically, topically, and or internally. The most common way that we hear of using essential oils is for aromatherapy, which is many times related to our mood. The olfactory sensory organs are triggered in a way and bring signals to the brain to help up lift the mood suppress feelings or give us an extra pep in our step. Different oils can help support our bodies in different ways when it comes to emotional support. Almost every essential oil that I have come across has an emotional benefit. By placing one drop of essential oil in the palm of your hand rubbing your palms together, cupping your hands over your nose and inhaling deeply you can begin to activate feelings that are needed for the moment.


Essential oils can be used topically as well. When using them topically there are several ways to do so. They can be used on the sight of necessity. For example, you can rub on your abdomen if when experiencing digestive issues, or at the sight of pain when experiencing inflammation. The oils can be applied to the bottoms of feet or to the spine when needing support with the immune system or other reasons. The pores on your feet can absorb the oils faster and they can make it to the bloodstream at a faster rate. The bottoms of the feet do not have sebum which is an oily substance that helps to make the penetration of substances throw the skin a lot slower.


Essential oils can also be used internally. I proceed this one with EXTREME caution because there are oils that specifically tell you NOT to ingest. Please listen to the directions given on the bottles. There are also some companies that use other synthetic oils even though they promote their oils as 100% pure. The reality is that to be considered 100% pure by the FDA regulations only requires that 10% of the bottle is 100% pure essential oils and the rest can be filled with other synthetic oils and fillers.

When in doubt do not ingest, however, if it is a trusted oil they can be used internally either to rub on the inside of the mouth, dropped one or two drops in about 4 ounces of water, or taken in a veggie capsule, if you just cannot stand the taste.  They work! I have used them when I feel those seasonal threats coming on and the EO stops the full onset of those issues.

I will be sharing how my family and I use these oils for different things that come up. I will be honest about what I’ve used and how I liked the outcome of the oils. This will be my candid journey of EOs unfiltered.